About Trujillo

My name is Richard Trujillo. I'm going to run for State Senate here in my hometown of Pomona, California to represent farm worker voices because we are tired of not being heard.

Working in the agricultural fields, we know that we’re not being treated equally to workers in other industries. Being treated equally is important to me.

We the campesinos should get the same benefits as other workers.

Not all farm workers get overtime after eight hours. If all farm workers did get overtime pay, they would be more appreciated for their hard work.

The conditions are tough -- these conditions mean sun, rain. We don't have air conditioning here and we need to be heard. I'm here to be the farm worker voice. I'm here to fight for farm workers. Whatever it takes, I’m here to do it. We need to speak up. A lot of farm workers are afraid. It's not time to be afraid. It's time to be heard.